Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

Edward Scissorhands Blu-ray Starring Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder and Dianne Wiest. Once upon a time in a castle high on a hill lived an inventor whose greatest creation was named Edward. Although Edward had an irresistible charm, he wasn't.

Stephen King's the stand one of my most favorite books ever!

The Stand: The Complete & Uncut Edition is one of my all time favorites. It's a long book that you'll finish quickly because you won't be able to stop reading!

Walk The Line

Walk the Line (Extended Cut) (2-DVD) Starring: Joaquin Phoenix & Reese Witherspoon Director: James Mangold 20th Century Fox/MGM DVD Clearance Sale (series)

on my list is this biography of one of the most unique singers ever to live. Phoenix as Johnny Cash and Witherspoon as June Carter are outstanding.

The Silence Of The Lambs

1991 - El silencio de los corderos (The Silence of the Lambs) - Jonathan Demme

This is one of my favorite October movies—fantastic telling and deviously spooky setting. Fun fact: Johnny Depp said of his character that he was going for a cross between Angela Lansbury and a thirteen-year-old boy.

Directed by Tim Burton. With Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Miranda Richardson, Michael Gambon. Ichabod Crane is sent to Sleepy Hollow to investigate the decapitations of 3 people with the culprit being the legendary apparition, the Headless Horseman.

Black Swan

Black Swan Blu-ray Starring Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis and Vincent Cassel. A ballet dancer wins the lead in "Swan Lake" and is perfect for the role of the delicate White Swan - Princess Odette - but slowly loses her.

Favorite black and white movie, not just for Christmas

Hands down my favorite Christmas movie of all time! I've been watching this every Christmas Eve since I could remember. It made me a big Jimmy Stewart fan, even from a young age.

My FAVORITE movie!

Lo que el viento se llevo gone with the wind Poster Afiche usa Top 10 Best Romantic Movies of All Time