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Memento Mori: Victorian Death Photos

Memento Mori: Victorian Death Photos

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70 Extremely Rare Photos From The Past: Page 32

70 Extremely Rare Photos From The Past: Page 32

post-mortem pic of Gen. Turner Ashby

Graphic: Memento Mori Photographs | American Civil War Forums

schafer26.jpg (585×757)

  • Shelagh Fell
    Shelagh Fell

    A Haunting image of a beautiful boy that can never live a full life. :-(

How can this mother look so serene while holding her deceased child? Shock, maybe.

  • Dena Poling
    Dena Poling

    She was just smiling for the picture. I have postmortem pictures of my infant daughter. I understand exactly what she was feeling. Sad her child has passed but happy for every moment she got with her.

  • Joanna Backman
    Joanna Backman

    For many people, esp. if the baby died very young, this was often the only picture they had of their children. It was a different time, death was looked at in another sort of way.

Dead little girls.

Beautiful Victorian Post Mortem Tintype Photo Baby Winifred Dennis Warsaw NY | eBay

Mount Carmel Catholic Cemetery Hillside Illinois Antonetta Mazzitelli Sept 26, 1910 April 23 or 27 1919 Antonetta Mazzitelli Sept 26, 1910 April 23 or 27 1919

Antonetta by MistressVampy on deviantART

A beautiful little girl.

  • Shelagh Fell
    Shelagh Fell

    y did they have to die so young? :-(

  • Shelagh Fell
    Shelagh Fell

    p.s. I meant to say why

  • Shelagh Fell
    Shelagh Fell

    .p.s It breaks my heart :-(

  • Eve Black
    Eve Black

    I know how you feel Shelagh

jaremowiczowna.jpg (600×698)

a crown made entirely of the deceased's hair.

Victorian death photo

Young girl holds deceased infant. Quakertown, PA, circa 1910.

The Thanatos Archive / Early Post-Mortem and Memorial Photography

Elvis Presley, post mortem

The Skull Illusion - a morbid curiosity...

margaret gunning's house of dreams: "I see dead people": Victorian post-mortem photography

momento mori

Vintage pensative woman by MementoMori-stock on deviantART

Franziska Brachmann 26.8. 1988 - 9.11. 2004, car accident

Antique Photo Album Post Mortem Photography

Victorian death photo

Beautiful Pose for a post mortem

Montreal Circa 1870 by Gregory Sullivan

....probably my favorite post mortem picture...just amazingly artistic and beautiful----poor baby :(

Margaret Alice West On saturday, september 30, 1865, at 3 o'clock am, of congestion of the lungs, Margaret Alice, infant daughter of William K. and Julia E. West aged 3 years, 1 month and 10 days.

Antique Photo Album Post Mortem Photography

The smallest man The embalmed body of the smallest man who ever lived, enshrined in a decorative case of painted wood, walnut and glass. Merrick & Hertz freakshow USA - 1912

Curiomira: Wunderkammer

The boy is oddly positioned wedged in-between mom and arm of chair,legs positioned for support,arm and hand are lifeless at his side.

  • jenni coad
    jenni coad

    The only ones i trust are the ones you can clearly see they are dead , gaunt faces , lieing down, sitting down , and quiet frankly the amount of fraud being perpetrated around these pictures is just someones money making endeavour , saying someone is dead does not make it so .

  • Denise Wellenstein
    Denise Wellenstein

    The very long exposures of old photography required absolute stillness, aided by posing stands (and probably by propping ones self against something): http://cabinetofcuriosities...

  • Karen Morgan
    Karen Morgan

    Even with a stand, a dead person can not stand up. The legs would be bowing. The stands were for the living to keep them still.

  • Suzi Duke
    Suzi Duke

    A Google search is proof of nothing. The internet is full of photos claimed to be postmortem portraits. Someone sees a child with their eyes closed, or a stand behind them, they assume it was postmortem. In fact, in long photo sessions in a hot stuffy room, children simply dozed off. If they are standing, they may be asleep, but they ARE alive. One clue is to look at their hands. Face makeup was often used to make the deceased look alive, but their dark, discolored hands were usually ignored.

  • Kristina LaPlante
    Kristina LaPlante

    Hard plant of rear foot says that the boy is alive in this one. My stepson is very hyper and does similar dynamic posing when trying to hold still.

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River Phoenix

  • Lydia Hall
    Lydia Hall

    Most definitely not River Phoenix...

  • Amanda Berry Ratcliffe
    Amanda Berry Ratcliffe

    It most definitely IS River Phoenix. It took me all of 2 minutes to confirm whether or not this was him.

  • Erich Steffen
    Erich Steffen

    This guy looks Hispanic. His hair is too dark to be River

  • Amanda Berry Ratcliffe
    Amanda Berry Ratcliffe

    Do you not know how to read Erich? Did you even bother clicking the link proving the photo is him? Of course not! Here is what you would have found if you had taken 2 seconds to click the link: "At his mother’s request, the actor’s shoulder-length hair was cut and placed beside him in his casket. (His blonde tresses had been dyed black for the film on which he was working.) He was dressed in a black T-shirt emblazoned with the logo of his band."

  • Lydia Hall
    Lydia Hall

    Wow, Amanda you need to relax and cut back on the caffeine (and anger).

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