Cute idea for valentines

Candy Cane heart lollipops - bake at for 3 minutes, then take out & quickly shape like a heart around a lollipop stick. You could fill the candy cane heart with white chocolate!


Perfect little bubble gum cupcake! Now I need to just find a recipe. I would want to put shredded bubble gum on

Oh my goodness! So, so sweet! {Silovoglio's photos}

Oh my goodness! So, so sweet! {Silovoglio's photos} Fairy on a mushroom cake!

halloween frankenstein pudding cups turtles life for me

Check out these Halloween Frankenstein pudding cups! Draw a Frankenstein face on plastic cups, dye vanilla pudding with green food coloring and crush up some Oreos right on top! Stop by at Duane Reade near you, for all your holiday essentials!

candy candy candy

Sugar causes tooth decay. Hard candies and sweets cause tooth decay in children. Learn how to prevent tooth decay in children by giving your kids Xylitol Gum after a snack full of sweets.

Yummy 4 layer cake

Yummy 4 layer cake

My peach pie! Num num

Yes I make my own crust. It's easy. Tastes way better than store bought.

Pie for my sweetie! Cherry his fav

Pie for my sweetie! Cherry his fav

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