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Okay now honestly, this is so true. I asked him why he doesn't like this other girl anymore (he's a libra) and he said because she was too emotional and was the most dramatic person he'd ever known so far.

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normally yes...but I don t get it...what happens with me with you....silly heart...maked me dump...really you realize ?? Yet is something about you that attracts me like no one ever...Who is the real YOU? Will I ever find out?

Zodiac Libra facts — Libra attracts friends naturally but don’t be fooled by their popularity because they’re highly selective about who they get close to. Only a few are considered “real” friends. More

Yep, there is so, so much I share only with God whom I know I can trust and can never misunderstand, plus He has all the best answers. -Desa More

UGH, This is the worst thing ever. Also probably why I know my pizza man's name and will often wave and have a conversation with him when I see him in public.

The flip side is that we're sucked into toxic relationships from time to time. ("Relationship" means general person-to-person. Even friendships can be toxic.) Been here twice, and both took over a year to cut ties on because of the manipulation.

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ℓιвяα ♎️ Yup. I seldom hold my anger for long too. But there are some people who just keep testing my patience. May karma serve you soon. More