Whatever It Is, I’m Ready

kathnp: “ subgirlygirl: “ sheiswanton: “ justapeekofme: “ loveyourselfcompletely: “ I don’t know what he’s fixing, but mine just broke. ” Yup, mine is broken too… ” i do believe mine is also.

Excuse me officer...

keiteee: buspirona: A cop. This is a cop from Zaragoza, Spain. No, he’s not a stripper. i would commit all the crimes he can frisk the shit out of me


They can save me any day…

Hot guys, I need saving! I suddenly forgot how to swim! Help me!

South Florida Firefighters - Oh, my bad, I wasn't supposed to light candles near my curtains? Fire fighters in south florida are old chubby hispanic men. Just like our old southern mustachio cops

Happy Birthday.

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David Nieves by Jay Fuertez

Today's Hot-Hot Hottie is the Puerto Rican fitness and book-cover model David Nieves .

Cool Tribal Shoulder Tattoos for Guys | Tattoos For Men | Cool Men ...

Cool Tribal Shoulder Tattoos for Guys. Not sure if it's the tat or guy that catches my eye!