Cream Cheese Chicken-"Holy Crap was this good!!!! Make it, it's crispy, garlicky, creamy on the inside and it's almost reminiscent of fried chicken, but healthier!!! We followed the recipe exact except, we used 1/3 less fat cream cheese, fresh garlic instead of garlic salt and Italian bread crumbs instead of corn flake crumbs. Make it. It's amazing and pretty good for you too!"

Cream Cheese Chicken-Holy Crap was this good! Make it, it's crispy, garlicky, creamy on the inside. we used less fat cream cheese, fresh garlic instead of garlic salt and Italian bread crumbs instead of corn flake crumbs.


Paradise Light Rum Malibu Rum Blue Curacao Pineapple Juice Grenadine Combine all the ingredients together.

Summer dinner - bacon, avocado, lemon juice, olive oil, cheese, bow tie pasta

Avocado Basil Pasta

This looks delish! The perfect summer dinner: bacon + avocado + lemon juice+ olive oil + cheese + bow tie pasta.

Pollo con queso. (AKA Pollo Loco!)

Pollo - Chicken Fundido - Melted (cheese) Pollo Fundido is a Mexican dish that I stumbled upon at a Mexican restaurant. It was so cheesy,.

28 Drunken Cupcakes..A whole page of booze filled cupcakes. Life is heavenly!

28 Drunken Cupcakes - A whole page of booze filled cupcakes! Life is good! We'll count this as a drink.

Collection of best Pinterest dips. addictingly delicious!

very PINteresting – Delicious Dips

Cheddar Bacon Dip (a.a Crack) Cheddar Bacon Dip 16 oz sour cream 1 packet Ranch dressing mix 3 oz bacon bits (in the bag not jar) 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese Mix together and refrigerate 24 hours. Serve with chips and/or veggies.

Jello Shot Cupcakes

Jello Shot Cupcakes- these were a big hit, although probably not worth the effort. Regular cupcakes would have been just as good. Couldn't really taste the jello/Malibu.

Copycat Starbucks Frappucino: 10 cups coffee 1/2 cup sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar 1/2 cup vanilla creamer. Perfect for showers & brunches.

per prev pinner: Starbucks Frappuccino recipe: 10 cups coffee cup sugar cup brown sugar cup vanilla creamer. This is life changing!

Sunset Passion Colada...Yum!

Sunset Passion Colada

Sunset Passion Colada 1 ounces coconut rum 4 ounces pina colada nonalcoholic drink mix 1 ounce non-alcoholic strawberry daiquiri mix (Blend coconut rum, pina colada mix and ice. Pour into tall glass and top with strawberry daiquiri mix)

This is seriously cute DIY Flowers

Crepe paper rose ball, could also be a topiary with minor adjustments. From the idea room

Chocolate Mint Icebox Dessert. Oh goodness.

Recipe for a Chocolate Mint Ice Box Dessert. Oreos, chocolate filling and mint chocolate chip ice cream

DIY Glass Centerpieces

diy centerpiece idea (enamel painted glass)- We have done this with simple mason jars, vases from salvation army. We can get that teal color you are looking for. Might be good for cocktail tables.

Strawberry Champagne jello shots

strawberry champagne jello shots - Budget Bytes (I usually don't like any sort of thing like this--since I don't really like liquor--but I LOVE champagne)

Easy Rotisserie Chicken Taquitos - Step by step baking instructions.

Homemade Baked Chicken Taquitos…rotisserie chicken -fully cooked and seasoned. – 1 cup of jarred or fresh salsa 1 cup shredded