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Brad Pitt amid the panic of 'World War Z,' and why its zombies are more 'predatory' than plodding -- PHOTO

'Dark Knight Rises': EW review

Five minutes into The Amazing Spider-Man, I got bitten. With pleasure. A friskier, sweeter-natured variation on the story Sam Raimi told in his recent trilogy, with greater emphasis on human relations than on special effects, this Spidey reboot refreshes an old story through the on-trend notion of making a Marvel superhero less...super-heroic.

Magic Mike has a conventional structure, yet a teasing question percolates beneath: If selling yourself is as much fun as this movie makes it look, what could be wrong with it? The answer is that once you've sold yourself, losing yourself may not be far behind.

Owen Gleiberman sizes up 'The Avnegers,' the multi-tentpole blockbuster that gathers half a dozen Marvel superheroes

What happens to two people who are meant to be together after they've found each other? That's the searching, funny-sad question posed by The Five-Year Engagement, a lively, original, and scattershot-hilarious ramble of a Judd Apatow production.

In 'Damsels in Distress,' the contemporary young women and men at the leafy East Coast college called Seven Oaks carry on as if it's 1961.

Why would anyone want to see 'American Reunion,' which reassembles those sexually hapless boys 13 years later? As it turns out, the recipe has been updated, and what once seemed like fatally warmed-over 'Pie' tastes new again.

To watch Titanic again is to do nothing less than enter a movie and come out the other side, with one's spirit feeling just a little bit larger.

Lisa Schwarzbaum on Julia Roberts as the evil Queen in 'Mirror Mirror'