Upside down upcycled jeans/denim dress by OrangeUpcycling on Etsy, €65.00

Denim Jeans (Now THAT'S crafty!) Upside down up-cycled jeans/denim dress by OrangeUpcycling on Etsy,

And This place has everything Look who just walked in, it’s a lady who works at CVS but do not bother her because she is on break.

One of my favorite SNL characters, mostly because Bill Hader can't keep it together when he does it. Plus it's written by Hader (one of my SNL favs) & John Mulaney (one of my fav comedians).

“Authentic. Loving. Celebratory. Time-specific.” That’s how Fred Armisen describes Documentary Now!, an IFC comedy (debuting Aug. 20) that spoofs and pays tribute to the genre with a six-episode showcase of mockumentaries about fictitious historical subjects (often rooted in real life), each unspooled in a different filmmaking style.

Bill Hader and Fred Armisen channel 'Grey Gardens' in this new IFC series: Here's your first look

My sweet little Vivvy

My sweet little Vivvy

Documentary Now

Documentary Now! is now available on Netflix.