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This Land Is Your Land: 1939 high-resolution photo

California bound ~ July 1939 near Muskogee, Oklahoma. Elmer Thomas at the wheel. Ready to depart for the journey to California. Russell Lee photographer.

California Here We Come: 1939

It’s official. War kisses during WWII were the social memes of their time. Here a soldier pauses in the mud of Italy to accept a kiss from a local child as his buddies and dog look on in the background. Sending this home to your sweetheart and mom probably earned you big points…

This photo inside the ghetto of a dying child was taken illegally by Wehrmacht Sergeant Heinz Joest on Sept. 19, 1941. He spent his 43rd birthday illegally inside the ghetto taking pictures. A documentary about his day was made in 1991 titled "A Day in the Warsaw Ghetto: A Birthday Trip in Hell."

Kentucky Fried Chicken Ad.

i remember watching this fall in 6th grade and realizing i was watching history unfold.

U.S. Elections from the past 100 years #Infographic #sschat #Election2012

World War 2 Infographic

An Infographic on World War II | The Best Infographics Ever

U.S. Civil War Casualties

Civil Rights Timeline Infographic

Civil Rights Timeline |

Civil War Trust - Battles of the Civil War

"Battles of the Civil War" Infographic

This photo demonstrates the often monstrous sizes of WW1 guns aiming to hurl huge projectiles as far as 25 miles. This one is most likely a coastal gun, its breach being calibrated by technicians. Firing these monsters required the crew to stay well clear of the gun -- as far as 50 meters from the breach -- and fire it by a pull cable. The resulting blast easily blinded those uncaring ones who insisted on looking. The force of the combustion required re-sighting the gun after every shot.

First World - Artillery

First Lady Nancy Reagan naps on her hubby's lap during a flight. Credit: UPI.

The men who raised the second flag over Iwo Jima.

Once Upon A Time In War

Wow! I had no idea....

Chernobyl / iFunny :)

BETTY WHITE! Los Angeles circa 1952. "Actress Betty White rehearsing and performing on her local Los Angeles daytime television show." LOOK Magazine

Shorpy Historical Photo Archive :: Lovely Betty: 1952

Ancient Race of Giant Humans Excavated in Munich, Germany

Faces of the Depression- January, 1937 Looking closely at the full size photo, I'm amazed by the large muscular fingers and hands of the boy. His eyes show concern with a serious glare and his mother, with bruised leg, recognizes him with her extended arm. The children of the depression had to grow up faster than any other generation in recent history. Part of the family of a migrant fruit worker from Tennessee, camped near the packinghouse in Winter Haven, Florida." by Arthur Rothstein

Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, by Matthew Brady c. 1851.

Baths at Pompeii


Beaufort, South Carolina. Several generations of a slave family, all born on the plantation of J.J. Smith. Taken in 1862 by Timothy O'Sullivan.

Slave Family on a Plantation

Assembly line at Toyota taken in 1952

News on Japan – Toyota gearing up for a trade surplus

A photograph showing the manufacture of Triumph cars at Triumph works, Coventry, taken in September 1933 by Leslie Cardew for the Daily Herald. The photograph shows workers stationed in rows at intervals, assembling the chassis and engine on the assembly line. The first Triumph motor car, the model 10/20, was manufactured by the Triumph Cycle Company in Coventry in 1923 . The last, the saloon car Triumph Acclaim, rolled off the British Leyland assembly line in 1984.

Blue Springs Ford Parts's photo: "This #ModelT assembly line is awesome! #Ford #throwbackthursday"

This #ModelT assembly line is awesome! #Ford #throwbackthursday