When Chris and Jesper contacted me about shooting their elopement on Gozo, an island off Malta in the Mediterranean, it was only supposed to be them. He's

"It was hard to say / whether she took his hand / or whether he took hers / Who cares? / It was the same reflex from their own hearts / They both wanted to give their hands / to be held by the other one / They were purely in sinc." f. wolff

there is a part of her that feels this need to always be touching him. it doesn't even have to be anything grand. simply a graze of their fingertips or a brush of their legs would suffice. just enough to know he's near and that he is hers.

Please don't let me be lonely tonight....please!! I ache & Im so lost without YOU!! I Love YOU!! You have my all of my heart!!!!!***.... If you feel like that, please action honey. Do not waste your time before you will regret. I miss You honey...muach


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