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ThingsI LOATHE entirely!!!

ThingsI LOATHE entirely!!!

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Susan @glamsusie | Websta

I do not like jello or melon so this is a big NO!!!

How to Make XXL Watermelon Jell-O-Shots - Cooking - Handimania

I think these baby shower cakes are CREEPY, and tacky!!!!!

Baby shower cake! How cute. - in-the-corner

I dislike chimps!

Tech Warm Ups: Warm-Up #25 4/9/13

I really DISLIKE pointy nails!!!


Clowns are CREEPY

pointy nails YUCK!!!


Dances with Wolves GAH I dislike this movie!!!

Tom Cruise

Clowns ugh

Troll dolls, always thought these were gross

Stiletto nails....UGLY

Taylor Swift UGH

UGGGGGGGGG Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey

Sweat pants,,, something I have NEVER owned and NEVER will!!!!!

Sappy love stories hidden behind aliens or sparkeling vampires!!!

GOD I HATE clowns!!!

the WORST animal I have ever owned!!! just looking at it makes me shiver!


Stooges,,,, UGH!!!

I really dislike lipstick, but especially RED!

Basketball,,, blech!!!

nuff said!!!!