Royal Exchange Theatre: Focussing on the Blind Spot

Part 1 of the Audience Experience Programme: Where we mapped customer touch points and interactions and created a plan that moved performance from…
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two people in bathing suits are standing on stage with flowers and chairs around them, looking at the globe
.. and we wanted to infuse the experiences we created with the sense of artistry and magic that is unique to a producing theatre.
the inside of a building with many windows and stained glass on the ceiling above it
We wanted them to 'see' the building as an experience in itself ...
the inside of a building with people walking around and stairs leading up to two large windows
We wanted family audiences to engage with the history of the building and the stories that populate it.
people are walking around in the lobby of a building with stairs and escalators
It was important that what we designed aligned audience experience with brand experience. A key element of that was the unique experience of the theatre building.
two toy dogs sitting on top of pink post it notes with people in the background
By going through the customer journey with a 'family of Snoopies' you can more fully understand the nature and quality of the family experience as a group, an adult and a child.
a man sitting on the floor next to a woman in front of a white sheet of paper
Getting to grips with 'hidden' touch points
three men sitting at a table with pink and white squares on the top of it
More touch point mapping
four people sitting around a large white board on the floor
Mapping customer touchpoints
a woman sitting at a table holding up a piece of paper
Empathising with optimal family experiences based on childhood