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Would You Survive Doomsday? An Infographic

Fifty-five percent of American pantries are only stocked with enough food for three days. Those families are not likely to survive very long in the case of doomsday hitting. Preparing for the end of the world takes a lot of resources and planning. In this infographic, National Geographic takes a look at the most effective ways to survive after doomsday.


Ever been asked, “What’s your sign?” In Korea, you are more likely to be asked, “What’s your blood type?” Blood types in Korea could be looked at as the equivalent of zodiac signs in America. Dom & Hyo has made our lives much easier by creating this helpful infographic that explains what personality traits are believed to be associated with each blood type. Apparently, blood type could also determine romantic compatibility! Don't know if this is true or not...

Using soils can make them become less nutritious. To mend this, we add inputs back the form of fertilizer

Fertilizer Facts