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This little fan kept me comfortable at burning man and ran the whole week on one set of batteries.

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16ft Lotus Belle Tent

Shadow Flower

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MMI Raider Tent - The one man coveted side entry Raider tent is only 2 pounds set up with the included MMI polymer tent stakes and two DAK Featherweight aluminum poles. Thats for a double wall tent with 88″ of internal length. The low profile tent needs to be staked out, but setup is simple with one main hoop and a single pole section to hold up the foot end or use a stick only $200

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Find True North Without a Compass

wikiHow to Find True North Without a Compass

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B-And-Bee Camping Pods Coming to a Music Fest Near You

B-And-Bee Camping Pods may be coming to a music festival near you.

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How To Create A Camping Bedroom

5 Tips For Creating A Comfortable-create your own camping oasis with these amazing tips!

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Hewolf Outdoor 1 Man Tent for TrekkingRidingHikingCamping Waterproof * Click on the image for additional details.

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Yup... Got a truck? Need a tent? Want to camp in it, but want more room than sleeping in the bed? Or you have so much crap in the bed, that you need to sleep on the roof? Check this bad mammo-jamma out! #Camping #Tent

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Baker Tent Making - Handbook for Patrol Leaders 1949

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This is a real inflatable tent. Now make a 1 man version and store it in a compartment on my personal EV vehicle giving me an electric button that I press to deploy and you'd be able to see a someone driving along get tired, pull over and in less then 60 seconds have an inflated home to crawl inside and take a nap. If designed well the home would be built around the personal electric vehicle so the vehicle is safe inside with me and usable as a desk, mini kitchen or closet.

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