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1 Mile World Record

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Now that's Fast! Japan to get 217 MPH Bullet Train

High-Speed Bullet Train in JapanTrain lovers around the world are jealous of Japan's high-speed trains. For example, the 1,528 miles Shinkansen railways network has trains that go up to 188 mph (300 kph). "Test run speeds have been 443 km/h (275 mph) for conventional rail in 1996, and up to a world record of 581 km/h (361 mph) for maglev trainsets, in 2003."


The 2000 carat “Halley’s Comet” Opal - Listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest uncut Black Opal nodule. Found at Lightning Ridge, Australia in 1986


En septembre 1906, soit 3 ans après le premier mile en 2', Dan Patch gagnait une course en 1'55'', soit 1'11''5, record battu 32 ans plus tard seulement... Un film a même été produit en 1949 avec la vie de l'ambleur en toile de fond.


In the Golden Age of Cycling (both in the US and abroad) Marshall Walter "Major" Taylor (26 November 1878 – 21 June 1932) was an American cyclist who won the world 1 mile (1.6 km) track cycling championship in 1899 after setting numerous world records and overcoming racial discrimination. Taylor was the first Black-American athlete to achieve the level of world champion and only the second black man to win a world championship—after Canadian boxer George Dixon.



Famous stablemates Riva Ridge and Secretariat ran as an entry in the 1973 Marlboro Cup, with Secretariat winning and setting another world record for the mile and 1/8 and Riva runner-up.


the legendary ofir as a youngster. b 1933, 14.2hh. chief stud at janow podlaski, race record 1/5 (2-1-2). sire of the "3 w's", witraz, wielki szlem and witez II. sire of tersk foundation mare mammona, to whom aragon traces. "regenerator of the breed." famed for the 2k mile trek during the world war as ware booty, as well as his value as a sire. both my horses carry multiple lines to him.


Hooked Rug, American, early 20th century - Dan Patch (April 29, 1896-July 11, 1916) was the outstanding pacer of his day. He broke world speed records at least 14 times in the early 1900s, finally setting the world's record for the fastest mile by a harness horse (1mile in 55 seconds) during a time trial in 1906, a record that stood unmatched for 32 years. ...~♥~


The BLOODHOUND Project is the name of an international education initiative focused around a 1,000 mph world land speed record attempt. The team aim to break the land speed record with a pencil-shaped car called BLOODHOUND SSC, powered by a jet engine and a rocket designed to reach 1,000 miles per hour (1,609 km/h). It is being developed and built with the intention of breaking the land speed record by 33%, the largest ever margin.