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100 In Roman Numerals

Roman numerals, the numeric system used in ancient Rome, employs combinations of letters from the Latin alphabet to signify values. The Roman numeral system is a cousin of Etruscan numerals. Use of Roman numerals continued after the decline of the Roman Empire. From the 14th century on, Roman numerals began to be replaced in most contexts by more convenient Hindu-Arabic numerals.


I say often about carrying a pack of foam lolly sticks around with you, pennies for a pack of 500, and here's yet another use for them! Great activity for Roman topic, and instant display material for a returning teacher! #supplyteaching


math in the kindergarten

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Roman Numerals

Learn how to read and write Roman numerals. Explanatory pages, fun facts, word problems, quiz sheet, teacher's answer sheet. Fun original illustrations. Students learn how to represent numbers in a different way. Practical knowledge, and helps improve logic and creativity.


Seiko :: Power Design Project ( 2003 Exhibition Works ) :: The SEIKO Power Design Project (2002~2007), a horological laboratory for 'concept watches' headed by famed product designer Naoto Fukasawa. His lab has introduced ideas pushing innovation in form and function.


Rolex Oyster Perpetual 31mm in 904L steel with a domed bezel, red grape dial, roman-numeral hour markers and an Oyster bracelet.


Here's a set of number puzzles for working on Roman numerals. Students match the Roman numeral to the number and number word. Includes Roman numerals 1-60, 100, 500, and 1,000.


Roman Numerals: My secret weapon for teaching Roman numerals...toothpicks! I give each student about 10 toothpicks. (I have them already in baggies, and have been using the same set for years.) Then, they practice making the numbers that I call out. I model the numbers on the overhead projector using kabob type sticks. I let them come up and make the numbers on the overhead with my "big toothpicks" as well. Fun way to teach Roman numerals!

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Tiffany & Co. Atlas series ring

Tiffany & Co. Atlas series ring 100% authentic Tiffany & Co. sterling silver Atlas ring. Laser cutout Roman numerals (12, 3, 6, 9) representing the four points of a clock. Inspired from the clock on the building of the Tiffany flagship store in NYC. This ring was purchased from that location. Excellent condition. Size 5.5. Jewelry pouch included. Tiffany & Co. Jewelry Rings