The distinguishable smell of urine in a dog kennel is disturbing for humans and dogs. The smell does not represent a healthy environment and instead shows an increase in your dog's risks of disease and stress. Dog kennels must be cleaned daily to control urine odors. Thanks for sharing the tips @thenest

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Here in Maine, we can get a lot of snow. We had just acquired a new puppy, and I was concerned with snow depth versus the size of the dog, so I wanted a spot that would stay relatively clear of snow. We had a kennel with a standard tarp & frame roof, but I knew that the snow weight would be a problem and that snow would easily blow in through the sides. I solved both problems and have a clear spot for our puppy to go potty. Instructions are based on a 10' x 10' kennel, but this method can...

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ALEKO® Dog Kennel 10' x 10' x 6' DIY Box Kennel Chain Lin...

Aleko Waterproof Dog Kennel Roof Cover with Aluminum Grommets for 10' x 10' Kennels, Silver

2-Run 10x10 Dog Kennels for Sale with Stainless Steel Hardware | TK Products

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10X10 DOG KENNEL COVER HOUSE OUTDOOR Cage Fence Large Pen Playpen Exercise Roof

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DOG Kennel Cover House Outdoor Fence Large Metal Playpen Silver Roof 10X10 Door

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