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11th Grade

This is a 9 slide PowerPoint which will help students understand the causes of the American Revolution and explain the differences between the British and colonial soldiers. I created this PowerPoint as the introductory lesson my English III students (eleventh graders) for our unit on American Revolutionary Literature.


11th grade 2-page 12X12 Scrapbook page Kit or Premade Layout-First Day of 11th (Eleventh) Grade/Junior/High School/Back to School


*** If found guilty he dies and his land will be auctioned leaving his sons without an inheritance. If found guilty but his moral character is believed to be redeemed the community can legally relinquish his estate to his sons. If found not guilty, his life will be saved. Students will take on the role of attorneys, witnesses (being the actual character), and jurors. Students must gather evidence and select witnesses as they decide how much responsibility to assign to John Proctor.


Writing Standards and Test Preparation - Summary for Eleventh and Twelfth Grade Students | Time4Writing

Cut and Glue Integers with Exponents and Parentheses (extra quizzes included)

Do You Really Know Your Negatives? Negative Integers with Positive and Negative Exponents and Parentheses. Cut and glue activities just make it more fun! I have complied a thorough list of complicated expressions that test your knowledge of negative integers with positive and negative exponents. I have found in my many years of experience that negative integers expressions are especially troublesome for students when combined with parentheses.