F/23/5'6" [161lbs > 125lbs = 36lbs] (3 months) Thank you everyone for giving me motivation.

F/23/5'6" [161lbs > 125lbs = 36lbs] (3 months)

Thanks to the determination and all the support of her husband, Danielle now has a phenomenal 58 pounds and muscles which can make every girl who have not given birth yet envy

Are you trying to make a transformation? Whats working for you?  Want to Make a Transformation Like This? Check bio for our Five Star 90-day Transformation Program!  Use #TransformFitspoCommunity for a chance to Get Your Transformation Featured  @mathildehbroberg "BE CONFIDENT AND BELIEVE IN YOURSELF   Since 2012 I've gone from 268lbs to 125lbs (Sep 2015) and now I'm 143 lbs - The first 90-100 lbs was mainly just by eating less and healthy and after that I've been working out regularly (4-5…

Fitness Motivation : Description Once classify as “morbidly obese”, and tipping the scale at 268 pounds, Mathilde from Denmark knew something had to be done.

How I Lost 30 lbs In 3 Months, Then Another 10 lbs Lifting Weights http://www.justinkavanaghfitness.com/how-i-lost-30-lbs-in-3-months-then-another-10-lbs-lifting-weights/

I& seriously impressed how she lost 30 lbs in 3 months , then another 10 lbs lifting weights without spending too much effort at the gym.

Reach my goal weight.. which will be 130 pounds. Yes, that is reachable!

The Bucket List on

1 single POUND of FAT you LOSE is a huge loss all on its own. Stop thinking of it in terms of "weight"... Look at the picture; That's 1 pound of pure FAT! Think of how much surface space that takes up. Imagine what that looks like when you lose 5, 10, and 20 lbs. It's a mammoth amount.

Still mad you only lost one pound? Still mad you only lost one pound? Still mad you only lost one pound?

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F/27/5'5" [165 lbs >125 lbs = 40 lbs] (10 months) January 165#  | March 155# | May 145# | August 135# | November 125#. Keto/Low Carb Diet. Average 1700-2000 cal/day. Occasional cheat 2500 cal. Energy bottomed out at 1500 cal. Lifting Heavy 4-5x's per week. Be consistent and break plateaus in 1-2 weeks.

F/27/5'5" [165 lbs >125 lbs = 40 lbs] (10 months) approx. 10 lbs difference between each picture.

125 lbs -body

125 lbs -body

It's Been A Long Road, But I've Finally Made It. From 175 Lbs To 125 Lbs In 20 Months

20+ Inspiring People Showing What Willpower And Hard Work Can Do

> 125 lbs = 50 lbs] months) It's been a long road, but I've finally made it.

The scales and all the machines are not always right. KNOW YOUR BODY MASS INDEX? The BMI is a number that is calculated by using a formula that takes into account both one's height and weight and it is a common way to quickly see whether your weight is putting your health at risk. For ex: A client of mine, weighs 125 lbs at 5 ft 3 in. So to figure her BMI take her weight in lbs. divided by her height in feet squared then multiply by the figure of 4.89.Cindy's BMI is 22.2 The ideal is 19 to…

I'll take the BF.: A pictorial guide to body fat percentages. I find the BF picture is what most of us aspire to look like, but it's not a healthy body fat percentage to maintain for a long time. My new, HEALTHY goal is BF :-)

Oh the bruises I have when my German Shepherd grand pup barrels to see me..and can't stop himself...125 lbs...He loves his grandma. smile emoticon As my German Shepherd Butters looks at him like he is crazy..lol.jpg (600×600)

Oh the bruises I have when my German Shepherd grand pup barrels to see me. smile emoticon As my German Shepherd Butters looks at him like he is crazy.

Tag a Friend You Want to Help Motivate   @mathildehbroberg "I can't believe that I've actually made it - I reached my goal. From 268lbs to 125lbs (2012-2015)  And now I've gained quite a lot of mass since my tummy-tuck in September 2015. I weight 149lbs today and I'm 5'9  _ It's still really surreal to think about.. But I have one thing to tell you; You REALLY gotta want it enough!! It's all about dedication and determination. _ Eat LESS (A lot less) and eat HEALTHY! It's really simple - eat…

Weight Loss Motivation to Lose Weight Real Proven Ways to Actually Lose Your Weight Properly)