Pin for Later: A Before and After That Proves a Number on the Scale Means Nothing Wanna hear the cool part, though?

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what does 5'7 140 lbs look like - Google Search

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Height Weight Chart According Age | Height to Weight Ratio Chart: do you have a "high" ratio?

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The definitions of normal, overweight, and obese were established after researchers examined the BMIs of millions of people and correlated them with rates of illness and death. Use your height to find a weight that's in a healthy range.

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Could people please stop saying she was a size 12-14-16-even 18? Marilyn Monroe was not a size 18. She was at her heaviest (140 lbs) today's US size 8 and a very unrealistic extreme hourglass shape at 118 lbs as pictured a sie 4. My dimensions mimic hers except the bust. I'm a 32C and feel lke I'm going tip over at top.

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#myzumbabody "down 140 lbs :)) cant live without my zumba friends workouts! (this was at our Cinco De Mayo Zumba Fiesta)" *Results not typical and may vary subject to several factors including, but not limited to, diet, exercise frequency, and body composition.

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I have lost 140 lbs by making smart food choices and tracking what I eat, without pills, injections, surgery, or strenuous exercise. Its not a diet but a lifestyle change, Weight Watchers adds the structure I need to succeed.

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