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Compare 30 vs 15 Year Mortgage Calculator

15 year Mortgage Calculator - 30 vs 15 Year Mortgage Calculator to compare these two mortgage rates and terms, use it to help decide which term is better.


15 Year Mortgage Challenge - The Rules

15 Year Mortgage Rates Challenge - Would you be able to slash at least 5 off your loan term by refinancing to a 15? Here are the rules of the 15 Year Mortgage Challenge: Monthly payment must be the same or lower; Must slash at least 5 years off your mortgage; Closing costs must be taken into consideration; Includes Mortgage Refinance Calculator and current Mortgage Rates resources


What to Consider When Buying a Home ... Infographic

[ Things to Consider When Buying a Home ] If you are considering buying/selling a property,contact and like us on


AND baby step 3b: Once you are debt free and have your fully funded emergency fund, you save for a down payment on a house that you can pay at least 20% down on a 15 year fixed rate mortgage where the payment is no more than 25% of your take home pay


Mortgage rates hit new lows

Mortgage rates hit new lows Mortgage rates for a 30-year fixed loan falls to record 3.84 percent. Mortgage rates for 15-year fixed loan now stands at a new record low: 3.07 percent.


15-year mortgage rates hit new low

With the economic recovery wobbling, mortgage rates are dropping again — with implications for family budgets across America.