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Carcanet or carcan is a jeweled collar or necklace, from the old French, carcan, meaning collar. Carcanets were typically quite elaborate and formal, and worn closely fitted. The style seems to have first appeared with the reemergence of the necklace during the end of the medieval period in the late 1300s.


Atelier Verdande Around 1290 the Surcots were so tight that they had to tie up the side. Under the lacing of the fabric of the petticoat was to see what attracted so many eyes on her. Fashionable, this extended sleeve opening enlarged to the "hell box" Surkots the 14th and 15th century.


Wedding dress worn by Mary of Habsburg, 1520’s Hungary, Hungarian National Museum An outfit worn by her husband also exists, but I can’t find a color picture of it. I would definitely wear this dress.