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16 Bus Schedule

Bus Route La Fortuna to Tamarindo: La Fortuna 7:00-9:30 Tilarán-Sancarlos Tilaran 9:30-10 Canas 10:15-12:15 Reina del Campo Liberia 14-16:00 Transportes la Pampa Tamarindo @ 16:00 Bus Stop, Zulymar Tamarindo


In the United States only a few cities are made ​​for people who do not have car. To legally drive, you must be at least 16 years old. The gas price is about $ 3.70. In Morgantown the bus schedule is tough. On Sundays there are no buses. If you do not have a car, stay alert not to miss the bus!

Detroit purchased Belle Isle in 1879, making it the nation's largest city-owned park. Planned by the designer of New York's Central Park, it remains one of Detroit's most alluring assets. Its deteriorating condition and city's fiscal morass prompted state and city leaders to propose a lease of the island (shown in 1901) to the state, which can better pay for its upkeep.