"Losing 160 lbs, one photo at a time"- she lost 160 lbs in 1 year and documented it on her phone. As for how she lost the weight? She stopped eating junk food, started walking and biking daily, counted calories, and weighed and measured her food portions. (You can see a BodyBugg armband in many of the photos.)

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Robyn Rickel Lost 30 Pounds After catching a glimpse of herself on camera, Robyn vowed to watch her portions and exercise regularly. In four months, she dropped from 160 pounds to 128

Today’s weight loss success story: Emicia lost 160 pounds with gastric bypass weight loss surgery, changing her diet and by facing the reality of her health issues. She started at 404 pounds and was deeply moved by a neighbor who tried to reach out to her about health concerns and obesity.

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ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: What I do when I eat but don’t feel full - Angela spent the majority of the last 20 years weighing over 300 pounds. When she started her journey with Wayne Burns, she weighed 316 pounds. Now, over 160 pounds are gone she has learned so much and she continues to learn every single day. It is her heart’s desire to share what she’s learned with others so that they may be encouraged on their journey. Read more at http://iamfortified.com/eat-dont-feel-full/#DISeHhxjV8TJ3BM5.99

Before she was 30, NaTasha Glaspy depended on drugs for blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes. She shed 160 pounds and ditched the meds.

Success Story: Degra lost 160 pounds with healthy eating and exercise. Find out how she lost the weight.

See how Mark lost 160 pounds in 17 Months! #Health #Fitness #ChangingLives #NeverGiveUp #DDPY

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John Burton went from 420 pounds to 160 pounds by joining an online weight loss community and switching to a healthy diet.

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