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1920's women's fashion; 1923, waist lines began to drop to between the natural waist and the hip; 1924 waistlines drop to the hip; 1928 hem lines start to rise to the knee


Vintage 1920s Shoes: Top 10 Styles for Women

Vintage and new 1920s shoes

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Look Festive In 20’s Flapper Fashion

1920: -Straight up and down or tubular -The bra was introduced -Safe makeup,costume jewelry and suntans were in great demands -Flapper: - wore a headband around their forehead usually with a feather in front. -short skirts and powdered faces -Silk stockings -The prince was a trend setter Thinking women were the opposite of a flapper girl and went to college

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How To Dress Like A Modern-Day Flapper

Like what you've seen on this board? Here's how to create the Flapper look in 2016! #Flappers