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7 Easy 1920s Men's Costumes Ideas

6 Easy 1920s Mens Costumes Ideas. A variety of looks for your next Downton Abbey themed event.

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1920s Mens Sweaters, Pullovers, Cardigans

1920's Mens Sweater History - 1928- By the late 1920′s the trend was for small patterns on mens sweaters. They were still gaudy but tamer color combinations than the mid years.

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FASHION HISTORY: The Roaring Twenties

Men (at least the highly fashionable ones) wore many accessories in the 1920s. Notice the different types of hats (here we see fedoras, straw boaters, and Newsboy hats). Canes were popular accessories as well as small rings, tie pins, and collar pins.

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1920s Men's Suit History- British VS American Style

The Suit: 1920s Mens Fashion History

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Like women, men loosened the constraints of previous decades and began to acquire a more relaxed, flashier wardrobe. The crease left the pant legs and the tie was abandoned. Colorful suits and patterned socks accented the wardrobe of the casually dressed. The men in the images below sport the casual, laid back look that swept men's fashion during the 1920s.

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