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In the 1920′s the fedora hat was just entering the fashionable scene for men. Previously it was a women’s style hat. 1920′s fedoras feature wide 3 inch brims that were shaped downward on both the front and back side. They also had a sharp crease down the middle that could be a single crease or a more triangle shape with the base of the triangle at the back of that hat. Hats came uncreased when purchased so that the owner could decide how to shape it. Popular colors were black and gray.

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1920s Clothing Mens Shop: Gatsby era suits, hats, shoes, ties, vests

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1920s Mens Hats: Great Gatsby Era Hat Styles

1920s Mens Hats Catalog

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1920s Mens Hats: Great Gatsby Era Hat Styles

1920s Mens Hats - Great Gatsby Cap

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1920s Mens Fashion Straw Boater Hat

Age: 1920s Label: Unidentified Japanese Label, gold-stamped with crowned winged symbol Colour: Tan Straw and Blue Ribbon Materials: Straw and Silk Ribbon Sizing: 7 1/4" size; interior dimensions of th

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Buy new style men's hats such as the straw boater, panama, gambler, newsboy cap, bowler, derby, fedora and formal top hats. Great Gatsby hats.

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Straw hats were even more popular for hot summer days then flat caps. Outdoor sporting became the new hobby for men and women. From tennis to biking to riding in your new car- the people of the 1920′s were outside a lot. Boating became popular and with it the Boater or Skimmer straw hat was worn.

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