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in this picture , womens wear a crop-top , demin jeans and SNEAKERS , sneaker is come from 1980s . it's one of the trends in this decade and now from mid 2013-2014 it still a popular style

L.A. Gear was the only sneaker brand that mattered. | 53 Things Only '80s Girls Can Understand

This was my favorite singer! I remember my dad had her tape when I was in 3rd grade!!

Vintage Clothing Blog | Vintage Wedding Dresses | Salvage Life: 1980's Fashion: Thank you Madonna!

Designer work inspired by 1980s fashion- Marc Jacobs 2009 collection showed heavy inspiration from the 1980s. Pictured are the hair bows featured in a fashion show

Cuz if you lived during the 80s you did this at one point or another

I just have so many questions about how she got her hair like this: | 25 Photos Of ’80s Hairstyles So Bad They're Actually Good

A good ole showing of 80 items from the 80's. Inicidentally, I did have these jelly shoes in white. I wore them to Geauga Lake for the day and never wore them again. They ate the life out of my feet and left me with bleeding blisters.

80s fashion. This is so not realistic...we would have NEVER been seen with balloons.

The 80 Greatest '80s Fashion Trends-haha!

Joan Collins, Diahann Carroll and Linda Evans flaunt the time when shoulder pads ruled the world. #1980s #fashion

1980 fashion trends | 1980s Fashion NOW THAT'S SOME AWESOME HAIR!!! LOVE IT!

Joan Collins means business in her eighties jacket and blouse!

Princess Diana - Photos: Royal-Wedding-Worthy Hats | Society | Vanity Fair

OMG! remember these? I had a billion of them to wear with my slouch socks, stirup pants, Keds, and an oversized Button My Fly T-Shirt....FLASHBACK

1980 fashion trends | 1980s Women’s Fashion Picture Gallery (in chronological order)

1980s EARRINGS, for those weird kids out there, you wore mismatched sets to match your sweaters.

Judd Nelson - The Breakfast Club 1980s fashion. My 1st hubby wore gloves like this.. lol