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1990s Toys

Pogs! My little brother won the neighborhood tournament, he was about 9! We got packets of free pogs and slammers thanks to him! In Orange, Ca sometime in the 90's. -Jackiepins2


toys from 1990's | old Childhood Memories / Doodle Bear 1990's toys

I had one of each giga nano and tamagotchi I loved my giga and nano the best I even clipped them on my belt loops and pocketbooks, I still even look for them in old boxes every now and then

"Somebody should tell Rosie that if she keeps shooting those somebody's gonna get hurt!"

Skip It! OMG I killed it in Skip It. Why aren't there more wicked awesome toys like this presently 'on the market' (in place of over-priced electronic toys)? Childhood obesity...just saying...

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1990s Magna Doodle and Magic Copier set -

toys from the 90s | 90s snap braclets 1990s 90s toys 90s fashion - i had these in school then i heard they were banned then they were being sold in stores again

Jellies! Okay, so not a toy but I loved them just the same! Mine were pink!

toys from 1990's | polly pocket released back in 1990 s

1990s Littlest Pet Shop Pet Store Playset with Accessory Sets - Vintage Toys 1992 - I had a huge amount of these...including the carry case lol

  • Erin King

    They're calling these vintage toys now? Crap, that makes me feel old!!

My brother had this toy fishing game when he was little. I played with him occasionally with it but I always beat him, so the fun never lasted long.

Growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, I have fond memories of my lite brite. It is a classic toy that Hasbro starting selling in 1967. Lite Brite...

Couldn't figure out why the water would disappear.

Holiday Muppet Babies from McDonald's. I still have mine and remember my daddy getting them for me. They will always make me think of him.

Cupcake Dolls 1990s toys. I think her hat smelled like a cupcake too. Why do we not have these toys still. More kids would know how to actually play.

I don't even remember what these were called...but everyone I knew had a set, including me.

The Simpsons (1990) | The 11 Most Memorable Burger King Kids Club Toys Of The ’90s

POGO BALL!!! 1980s 1990s toys, this really worked to keep you in balance! » Do they still make these? I used to love mine!!

  • Angela Mace

    Lol, i have a new pair of those jeans.. so YES! And i love them.. i also have them with more white and splashes of blue!! Haha..

  • Julie Bundakji

    These jeans are making a comeback. You might be wearing them next week. Lol

  • Karin Washler

    I just bought one for my son about a year ago at a mom and pop toy store. Look on amazon.

  • Rose La Rouge

    Yes they do, I bought one a few years ago for my kids. On the pants, not sure.

  • Martha Rodriguez

    I still have my daughter's up in my attic!

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Before there were beanie babies!

Wheel of Fortune Handheld Game 1990s toys. Probably still have it somewhere at my parents house.

toys from 1990's | 1976- Mattel Toys Advertisement from McCall's Magazine

Totally Hair Barbie and Teresa dolls 1990's toys