Create a very basic filing system and start putting lesson plans it is as you can. Don't worry about organizing beyond that during your first year of teaching.

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Ten Tips for First Year Teachers from a survivor! "Find the good in your students and constantly seek to see it in them and remind them that it is there!"

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"Features advice and support from experienced teachers, reading strategies, classroom tools, an archive of hot topics, and a new teacher discussion board."

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Dare I say it…it is almost time to head back to school. We have three more weeks before we go back. I cannot believe how fast the summer has gone. I swear it was just May last week! Last year, I posted a list of procedures to teach on the first week of school. As we...Read More »

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With back to school around the corner, it is so important in high school (and middle school) classrooms to have a fair, accurate, and simple grading system established. This post details my tried and tested classroom strategy for grading that is perfect for not only 1st year teachers, but ALL!

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Over the last year, my school and team have taught me so much about differentiating. In 5th grade, I so struggled with this and when I differentiated I was moving mountains. But really – I felt like I deserved a gold medal. It was exhausting and overwhelming and rarely happened. This year my 1st grade...

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A Kindergarten Smorgasboard of Tips For First Year Teachers (And reminders for us veteran teachers!)

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