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Ben Carson and Herman Cain . One For The Money . Two For The Show .

2012 Republican primaries;the wheels have come off the Cain train with alleged affair.Is Romney involved?Is there proof

Beginning with the Tea Party wave and continuing through the not-Romney musical chairs of the 2012 Republican primary and the battles over debt limits and fiscal cliffs, most coverage of the Republican Party’s internal divisions during the Obama era fell into an easy groove: There was the establishment, and there was the base.

How would Plato vote in the 2012 Republican Primary? Brilliant summation and application of Plato's political thinking!


U.S. Takes First Steps Toward Internet Voting

The 2012 Republican primary's first vote was not cast in New Hampshire, as most Americans would assume. An Okaloosa County, Fla., resident living in Thailand got that privilege ...


U.S. Takes First Steps Toward Internet Voting

New technology called LiveBallot has allowed for the first vote in the 2012 Republican primary to be cast from Thailand. US voters can now vote from anywhere in the world with the new platform, which allows them to access their ballots stored in the cloud. �

Rick Santorum Announces New Presidential Bid, and New Focus on Middle Class

A former senator from Pennsylvania, Mr. Santorum was the runner-up in the 2012 Republican primary race, buoyed by the support of social conservatives, but has had little traction this time.

The Headline: Read Why Trump is not the GOP frontrunner - not now and not in Nov. 2016 The Story: The poll’s demographic and regional quotas are based on 2010 census data — not 2012 Republican primary turnout, or 2014 participation, or any other model of who would actually show up to vote. Read more at


The Koch Brothers Group spent $122M in 2012, in their efforts to "buy" our elected leaders, (funds that could otherwise be used to pay their taxes)! Since "affordability" doesn't seem to be the issue, what is the issue then? Could it be hate?

The Electoral Map - Presidential Race Ratings and Swing States - Election 2012 -

Who will win the most electoral votes? Look at the different scenarios. What do you think will happen?