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Watch Rachel Maddow get that STUPID SMIRK wiped off her face by Trump's Election - YouTube Truly an annoying nut job! What an AH!

Four Cabinet nominations that could blow up in Donald Trump’s face

"Draining the swamp" directly into the White House! | Four Cabinet nominations that could blow up in Donald Trump's face

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Oops too late (Post-Election Poll Jump For trump - 54% of Americans think trump will succeed as president, and trump gets all-time high likability rating of 47%, up about ten points from pre-election . What's the matter with America????)

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prev pinner: No ID to vote, same votes counted multiple times, there is no way in the world I believe Obama won this election. Romney won in every state where ID had to be shown.

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Price of bias: America now shunning news media after 2016 election. A long night: TV watchers examine early predictions on election night. A recent poll found 27 percent of Americans are avoiding the news. (Associated Press)

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Is The Election Really Over?

American Irrationalism: Sleepwalking Into Oblivion! ---- There are hundreds of millions of Americans who know that something is terribly wrong, but they lack the words and ideas to make sense of what is happening around them.

(28) News about @realdonaldtrump on Twitter:

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Well well well …. The masses now know the emperor has no clothes. The liberal propagandists at CNN have been named in a new poll as the LEAST trusted of the 3 major cable news networks. Only 33% trust the political news they get from CNN compared to 43% for MSNBC and 50% for Fox News viewers. Given CNN’s horrific Hillary shilling during the 2016 election, these findings are not such a surprise but validate what we already know. From Western Journalism The survey, conducted by Rasmussen…

Yes! It's time for America to become a direct democracy.

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