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I scored 4512 points at 2048, a game where you join numbers to score high! @2048_game

2048 Game Style Gui Assets Download here:

2048 Game Style Gui Assets

2048 Game Style Gui Assets Download here:

Tryndamere fanart in LoL style! Based on Statue Concept by Paul Kwon, the Splash Art by Jason Chan, and in game proportions. Thank you Pio Ravago for the feedback! view on VR if you have it! use “P” and “O” to resize him! Tryndamere 8,709 tris 2048x2048 (1k works, but keeping 2k because VR on sketchfab) Weapon 917 tris 512x512 Tryndamere (c) Riot Games


Make Your Own 2048 Game | Udacity

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Why is the 2048 Game So Addictive?

Listen up, 2048 addicts. There's scientific reason why none of us can stop playing.


OMG I just realized I have 2048 followers!!!! I love that game!!!:D lol I'm such a nerd :P my 2048 follower will get a shoutout :* thanks baes!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️