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Here is an example about how to develop a 21-century critical thinker. The examples of reflecting on learning relates to the 21st century skill of critical literacy. It is important that students are able to think about situations critically. An example that reflects this is applying critical thinking to real world situations in order to make an informed decision. Retrieved from


This slideshow is offers another perspective on how to assess beyond the traditional methods. We may know how to include 21st century literacies, but as educators we also must know how to assess these new skills. Assessment should be responsive, flexible, integrated, informative, creative, and using multiple methods. From previous experience assessment FOR learning is an essential tool for educators to evaluate and be flexible for in unit/lesson development.


A Free Poster on The Learning and Thinking Skills of The 21st Century Students

from User Generated Education

Grit: The Other 21st Century Skills

This article provides educational resources for understanding and building grit in this companion post to her post on resilience, part of a series of posts on 21st-century skills. Her post includes tools for practice at all levels


TEACHERS LOVE PD GOAL LISTS: 21 Things Every 21st Century Teacher Should Do this Year!

Hey, they forgot some. Like, writing a paragraph following a very strict formula, or filling in bubbles, or generally staying inside the lines and inside the box. New Skills for a New Age from Edutopia