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23: If a person is wearing fairly new looking Converse (you can usually tell this by how white the top and sides are) that have a rubber border around the ball of the foot separated from the canvas they are probably in marching band, from the bending of back marching and the toe curl of forward marching.


Post mortem image of Princess Natalia Konstantinovna of Russia. “Princess Natalia was born on March 10/23, 1905, at Pavlovsk. Christened exactly one month later, she was destined to live only two months. On May 10/13, 1905, she died in her mother’s...


History of Geology: March 23, 1769 William Smith - Pioneer of applied Geology. Ammonites, characteristic fossils for the Mesozoic and the most appreciated fossils by Smith.


A bracket template with 16 songs in Spanish for March Music Madness at