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DIY PVC and Blow Dryer Boot/Glove Dryer 1 1/2 inch PVC = 8 -13 inch pvc pipes, 9 elbows, 3 four way connectors, 9 caps, and nine 3 inch pvc pipes, one 1 1/2 to 2 inch adapter and an old blow dryer with a warm or cool setting. Mash it all together and your kids boots and gloves will dry in no time flat!

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Garage Storage: DIY Tips and Hints

{pvc-pipe bungee cord storage} keeps the tangled mess at bay. made from 3- or 4-inch pvc pipe. drill 1/2-inch diameter holes in the pipe to match the slightly stretched lengths of your cords. keep in garage, trunk or shop, out of the reach of children. #myo #diy #garage


Whisper phones! 3 inch length 1/2-inch PVC Pipe 2 1/2-inch Elbows Cut the PVC pipes to the lengths. The 3 inch length is the part of the phone that you hold. 1 of the elbows goes at the top for the earpiece, 1 of the elbows goes at the bottom pipe. Put the last elbow on this short piece of PVC for the mouth piece. Dry-fit the two lengths of PVC with the elbows to make sure it is the size you want. Swab the inside of the elbows with the PVC glue slide onto the pipe.

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Simple Storage for Less

Pipe Dream - This uses 2-3 inch PVC pipe cut up. I think I'll do it with recycled water bottles, just cut off the top and bottom. Would be just right for socks.


Garden hose guide Materials 10-inch spike 1 1/2-inch washer 1/2-inch PVC pipe cut to 3-inches Instructions: Insert the spike into the washer and pipe. Then push the spikes into the ground where needed.


Bungee Cords-organized & tangle free-3 inch PVC pipe, cut a little shorter than longest cord, then drill holes for the smaller cords


I used 1/2 inch PVC Electrical Conduit. I cut it all up into 3 inch pieces with a chop saw and glued them all together. Then I built a box out of foam core board just to have a back for markers to hit so they didn't go all the way through. I used foam core cause it was cheap and easy for me to work with and the marker storage just sits right beside my table on a shelf at arms reach. I was going to use copper pipe but it was more expensive, but with the walls of the copper pipe bieng thiner…


$24.50 (Buy here: ) free shipping 64mm, 2.1/2inch, Automatic Ratcheting PVC pipe cutter, PPR, PE, PEX pipe Cutter, plastic pipe cutter, pipe scissor for just $24.50


laptop stand made from pvc pipes

Hi There! I got this idea from an internet store that sells accessories for laptops. The materials used is ordinary water PVC pipes. total cost did not exceed $5.00 u.s. here in the Philippines. You will need 6 pcs. 1/2 PVC elbow, 2 pcs. 1/2 by 2.5 inches PVC pipe, 3 pcs. 1/2 by 7 Inches PVC pipe. You may adjust the PVC length according to your preferred sizes. I used a pipe cutter to cut the PVC pipes, fortunately I was able to get the scrap pipe materials from my landlords house…