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30 Gallon Drum

I really like some of these ideas so much that I’m going to go out tomorrow and look for some 55 gallon drums to get started ASAP! The R2D2 project is probably my favorite because I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and I would love to put a life size model somewhere in my house! …


Homemade compost bin my father made for me out of a 30 gallon plastic drum. (Recycled from a local car wash - it was a soap drum).


We were able to fit 6 grow-beds in our 8' x 10' greenhouse, 3 along each of the 10' sides. Underneath the grow beds were 30-gallon Rubbermaid containers. One on each side of the greenhouse, for the fish to live in, and the rest to filter and cycle the water. More


Raised Planter Stand

Raised Planter Gardening Stand DIY Project

from Etsy

55 Gallon Drum Industrial Pub Table #030 • Industrial Style Furniture by Industrial Evolution Furniture Co

55 gallon fuel drum table barstool height by IndustEvo on Etsy

DOOR KIT BARREL STOVE [Misc.] by Vogelzang. $73.54. Transform a steel barrel into a heat radiating wood stove! The Vogelzang Deluxe Barrel Stove Kit is completely cast iron and easily converts a 55 or 30 gallon drum into a highly efficient heater. The Deluxe Barrel Stove Kit features a large feed door, a separate gasketed ash cleanout door engineered for "easy clean" ash removal, a "cool touch" cam-lock type door latch, two counter weighted spin dial draft controls, cast i...


DIY rain barrel. Benefits: Use water wisely by watering your garden with free water collected from your roof. Rain water is great for plants. Connect a soaker hose to your barrel, a great way to water shallow rooted plants such as rhododendrons. This untreated water is great for your indoor plants, your garden and lawn, or washing your car.


Atmospheric Water Generator by Captainleeward -- Atmospheric Water Generator. This is a home made AWG. Here in California we need all the water we can get. This is a dehumidifier that gets h2o from the moisture in the air about 5 Gallons a day. It has a 30 Gallon tank and extra black Berky filters in...


30-gallon Drum of Bare Ground Deicer

30-gallon Drum of Bare Ground Deicer | Shopping - The Best Deals on Snow Removal