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Amazing 3-D type - TypeGang (Instagram) - Absolutely love the vibe/insight you get from this. It screams modern (as in from maybe 10 years ago aka vintage) "American Dream" with the RVs without any red/white/blue or flags or overt "America" visuals.


your song – in black & white on

I don't know if this is real or photoshopped, but it looks like something somebody would do with one of those new 3-D Printer pens.


This is a very interesting looking vector illustration. I am not sure what it is properly called. It is a very fuzzy. It seems like it would be fairly east to make. It is one base figure and then the other to are different colors. These types of images are always intriguing because it is a blurry image so you have to look around the picture to not miss anything.


Like how the even the more simple type has dimension to it, and then how the ribbon type is so interactive. May be able to utilize the more simple part for my logo


font/type as design: I like the idea of overlaying the same font or different fonts over each other. It doesn't make it TOO distracting, instead it makes it more interesting, and has a 3-D effect that captures the viewer's attention.