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Legend of Zelda Light Switch Cover ................Um I'm so making one of these ... or like maybe a LOT more!

Infographic charts Nintendo UK game system release dates, top selling games and system sales figures. Great for any gaming fan!

Jake $26.48 - New Super Mario Bros Nintendo

Various Nintendo and Pokemon vinyl decals for 3DS for sale. Must remember to get myself one of these.

nice Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Special Edition Black Silver Video Game Vinyl Decal Skin Sticker Cover for the New Nintendo 3DS XL LL 2015 System Console - For Sale Check more at


The online Nintendo store has recently put up a refurbished Zelda edition 3DS XL for sale. It is part of a package being sold for $150 USD.


Weekend deals include GOG bundles, Shadow of Mordor, Wii U bundles, 3DS XLs - by Thomas Schulenberg (11 minutes ago) Should you be looking for a few good gaming deals, this weekend holds plenty of promise. For starters, Good Old Games is finishing off its Big Winter Sale with an encore offering of every daily bundle that was featured in the two-week sale. Deals...