The city of Ur was one of the most important Sumerian city states in ancient Mesopotamia during the 3rd millennium BC.  One of best preserved and most spectacular remains of this ancient city is

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Sumerian ("native tongue") is the language of ancient Sumer, which was spoken in southern Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) from at least the 4th millennium BC. During the 3rd millennium BC, there developed a very intimate cultural symbiosis between the Sumerians and the Akkadians, which included widespread bilingualism.

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Female Figure [Ecuador; Valdivia] (1980.83.15) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 3,000 BC

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Elamite Dog Amulet of the goddess Gula, Circa 3rd Millennium BC In ancient Elam, the significance of the dog was related to the goddess Gula, since they were her sacred animals. As the goddess of healing and patroness of doctors, these gold amuletic dogs may have been thought to have healing powers.

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Old Elamite Period (2700-1600 BC) - Silver cup from Marvdasht, Fars, with linear-Elamite inscription on it. Late 3rd Millennium BC. National Museum of Iran.

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Jiroft culture, Shahr-e Soukhteh, Sistan and Baluchistan Province, Iran, 3rd millennium BC

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Idol Marble H: 33.5 cm Allegedly from the region of Polatli (Galatia, Anatolia) Early Bronze Age II Mid 3rd millennium B.C. From the George Ortiz Collection

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Mesopotamian Stone Votive Figure, 3rd millennium BCE. "Votive statues in an attitude of prayer originated in Mesopotamia at the beginning of the third millenium BC. They were placed in temples to represent the donor in perpetual prayer before the gods. As this small figure is pierced, it may have been worn as an amulet."

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A SYRIAN ALABASTER EYE IDOL TELL BRAK, CIRCA LATE 4TH-EARLY 3RD MILLENNIUM B.C. With bell-shaped body surmounted by two rings stacked vertically, divided by grooved bands 8¼ in. (21 cm.) high

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Double-Headed Figure, end of 3rd millennium B.C. Ecuador; Valdivia Ceramic

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