There are so many angels out there in our amazing universe. Some archangels are better known than others and that’s cool because as far as the angels are concerned there is no competition, and all can be of great help for both spiritual growth and support in your day-to-day life.

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Free Angel Messages - Free Angel Cards - Angel Guidance - Angel Card Readings - Mary Jac

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Angel Number 222. Listen to your intuition and follow your thoughts. It is the whispers of your guardian Angels guiding you towards the next step in your journey. Angels send this number to encourage you to remain positive as the grid is shifting to assist you in aligning with your purpose.

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Micha'ele Cherie~ Medium Intuitive - Saints, Angels,and ascended masters A Quick List of Archangels corresponding "Angel Duties"

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For Every Moment You Loose A Little Hope, There Is Always An Angel️ Whispering. .... I Am With You.

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