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5 Gallon Buckets

Something to do with my husbands hundreds of 5 gallon buckets that are in the garage! Growing tomatoes | growing tomatoes upside down!

Chicken House Nest Boxes from 5 Gallon Buckets --one of these days when we can move back to the country!!!

Self-watering containers make growing fruits and veggies a breeze and are ideal for gardening in small spaces. Construct your own reliable waterer with a few easily scavenged materials and about an hour’s worth of time. From MOTHER EARTH NEWS magazine.

Vegetables In A 5-Gallon Bucket: How To Grow Vegetables In A Bucket

The 5 Gallon Emergency Bucket ... and most of the things in it can be gotten at the Dollar store. #themoreyouknow

Store classroom materials and give students a place to sit with these 5 gallon bucket stools! #storage #organization #classroom

5 Gallon Bucket Potato Farm | Five Gallon Ideas

You can make your own self-watering container from a couple of 5-gallon

Great Idea! @cubits "If you grow in 5-gallon buckets (as I do!) but you are not crazy about how they look, this is a great option -- wrap them in burlap."

How to grow sweet potatoes in a bucket - "If grown correctly, you can hope for a yield of about 25 pounds for each 20 gallon bucket sweet potato garden."

Square Pennies: DIY Earth Boxes from 5-Gallon Buckets...a worthy endeavor for the home or hobby grow

Fuly contained 5 gallon bucket pumpable sink. With reservoir, grey water catchment, foot pump. This thing's got the works!

grow mushrooms in a 5 gallon bucket using coffee grounds and mushroom spores. Fun project for kids and adults.

diy: Planter Umbrella Stand, 5 gallon bucket with concrete inside a decorative planter, on a rolling dolly

emergency-5-gallon-bucket-list (throw these items in a bucket that you can grap during an emergency. OR keep one in your car)

Hydroelectric Generator from a 5 gallon bucket - download the 35 page PDF instructions from this site

This is a smart idea!! build your own chicken feeder using a 2.5 gallon bucket and a party food tray.

where to find free 5-gallon buckets

What's on your BUCKET LIST? Have a few 5-gallon buckets around? Here are dozens of Do-it-yourself prepper projects starting with a 5-GALLON BUCKET: www.happypreppers...

Keep the fern in the same pots they come in, every other day submerge them in a 5 gallon bucket filled with 1/2 cup of epson salts & 3 gallons of regular water until the soil stops bubbling, then hang up to drip dry... ferns will be dark green, glossy, and 3x3 by September from ferns that start out with 7 fronds in May.

  • Kathleen Collins

    That makes sense. Now ferns won't be "scared to come home" with me. LOL!!

  • MaryJane Kelsey

    If roots start coming out of the bottom of the pot. If you'd plant has plenty if soil, if will retain moisture better than a root bound plant. Then it will require less water. Ferns don't like to be over watered.

  • Kathleen Collins

    Mary Jane Kelsey, how will know when ferns need to be repotted?

  • Karen

    Update: I bought a fern shortly after I first read the great tip. I am happy to report that my fern is full and robust and happy in its new home. THANK YOU!!!!!

  • MaryJane Kelsey

    You can keep them in the same pot for several months. However, you will have to repot eventually!

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5 gallon bucket chicken nesting box - another great repurposing idea!

Thorough instructions on making pvc pipe or 5 gallon bucket watering systems for chickens!

Upside down tomato plant in plastic bottle. I am going to try this. It should be lighter than the 5 gallon bucket :-).

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Store charcoal in 5 gallon buckets. 1 Bag of Charcoal Briquettes will make it possible for you to cook 1 Meal a Day for a whole month. It's a great storage item to have on hand. Add a couple bottles of starter fluid and you're good to go!

How To Build A 5 Gallon Bucket Hydroelectric Generator...