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My kids need these...They are painted on the sides also...5 gallon buckets made into seats... camp... could use to store all their camp trinkets, crafts, manuals, scriptures, etc.

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Art Supply Organization

center bucket 5 gallon paint bucket and a "bucket jockey" from the tool section. $7 bucket jockey + $3 bucket!

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10 Creative Ways to Repurpose 5-Gallon Buckets

10 Creative Ways to Repurpose 5-Gallon Buckets #DIY

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Build A DIY Disaster Preparation Bucket


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Learn How To Wash Clothes During An Emergency

Are you ready to learn how to wash clothes during an emergency? Remember the month of September is National Emergency Preparedness month. Today I am going to show you my new and improved portable emergency…

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#10 Cans and 5 Gallon Buckets: How Much Can They Hold?

How much do buckets and #10 cans hold? Use this handy chart to find out for the most common food storage items.

**House Warming Gift** * Home Depot 5-gallon bucket * level * hammer * stud finder * Phillips and flat head screw drivers * wall patch puddy * dry wall screws and nails * champagne, beer and pretzels

Bucket rack! Need to do thia. We have so many 5 gallon buckets and loose items.

Don't Cut Corners: How to Identify Food Grade Buckets - When it comes to cutting corners to save a buck or two, you shouldn't on storing food. If you do not use food grade buckets you will risk losing your food stockpile! However, there are ways to tell if the buckets are food grade or just regular buckets.

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Supersizing Food Storage with BUCKETS

Supersizing Food Storage with BUCKETS - Prepared Housewives

Best way to pack plates for moving, EVER! 5 galon buckets + Chinet paper plates + Dish towels for extra padding = Easy dish packing/transporting with no worries of breakage PLUS - Chinet plates are made from pre-consumer recycled materials and are compostable. SO much better than using packing foam or bubble wrap!

Saw this on the news the other day. Guy takes 5 gallon buckets and places a cylinder inside, then fills with water and freezes. Then places them along his driveway and puts candles in them. Really cool effect.

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How-to: Storing food in buckets - Survival Mom

How to store food in 5 gallon buckets. Make your own emergency food for cheap.


Why You Want a Bucket Opener

Why You Want a Bucket Opener - The $5 (or under) prepper tool worth its weight in gold! Food Storage and Survival

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Cat Litter Bucket into Nautical Storage Tote (Tutorial)

The Kim Six Fix: Cat Litter Bucket into Nautical Storage Tote (Tutorial)

This whole site has ideas for 5 gallon buckets. Thought covering an old leaky one, we have one or two might be a good use.

CLassroom! Great for storing kids stuff or using it to sit on:) (5 gallon paint bucket, fabric, foam, cardboard, spray primer, spray paint, decorative strand, scissors, sharpie and hot glue). Top is a circle cut from a square foam cushion, then covered with fabric.

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How to Make a 5-Gallon Bucket Seat

How to Make a 5-Gallon Bucket Seat | eHow