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5 Gallon Buckets

Container planting vegetables is not a new concept, but what about using buckets for growing vegetables? Yes, buckets. Read this article to learn more about how to grow vegetables in a bucket. (Excellent Article!!!)

5 Gallon Bucket Potato Farm | Five Gallon Ideas

They claim you can grow 50 carrots in a 5-gallon bucket...original link was dead, so I found this video tute.

Turn a 5 Gallon Bucket to a Burlap Planter for Pennies | Hawk Hill

What's on your BUCKET LIST? Have a few 5-gallon buckets around? Here are dozens of Do-it-yourself prepper projects starting with a 5-GALLON BUCKET: www.happypreppers...

Something to do with my husbands hundreds of 5 gallon buckets that are in the garage! Growing tomatoes | growing tomatoes upside down!

Store classroom materials and give students a place to sit with these 5 gallon bucket stools! #storage #organization #classroom

DIY 5 Gallon Bucket Air Conditioner - Can cool any room just as well as any other air conditioner...

5 gallon buckets made into seats... girls camp... could use to store all their camp trinkets, crafts, manuals, scriptures, etc.

You can make your own self-watering container from a couple of 5-gallon

How to Grow Perfect Peppers & Tomatoes in a 5 Gallon Bucket - Urban Organic Gardener

Grow Tomatoes In 5 Gallon Buckets Next year I'll wrap my buckets in burlap it looks so much nicer than the unsightly blaze orange Home Depot buckets.

Great Idea! @cubits "If you grow in 5-gallon buckets (as I do!) but you are not crazy about how they look, this is a great option -- wrap them in burlap."

Building a 5-gallon Bucket Composter | They Might Be Homesteading

Build Your Own 5 Gallon Bucket Emergency Kit. Everyone should have one of these emergency buckets packed and ready to go. If you only ever do one thing for emergency preparedness, put together one of these kits.

How to grow sweet potatoes in a bucket - "If grown correctly, you can hope for a yield of about 25 pounds for each 20 gallon bucket sweet potato garden."

5 Gallon Bucket Seat Cushion tutorial - for YW camp or Pioneer Trek

Square Pennies: DIY Earth Boxes from 5-Gallon Buckets...a worthy endeavor for the home or hobby grow

How to Grow Cucumbers in a 5-gallon bucket

You can usually find someone to give you a five-gallon bucket or you can buy one for about $2.50 (Lowe s). Drill 4-5 holes on the bottom for drainage. Add some compost/soil that drains well followed by your tomato plant!

5 gallon bucket covered in burlap

What a great idea for patio gardening - diy burlap & 5 gallon bucket planter

Grow potatoes in 5 gal buckets...maybe paint the buckets to make them look better

where to find free 5-gallon buckets

Fuly contained 5 gallon bucket pumpable sink. With reservoir, grey water catchment, foot pump. This thing's got the works!