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52 Week Money Challenge for my family of 5.

52-Week Money Saving Printable - blank so you can fill it in yourself

Save $5000 dollars in 1 years for 52 weeks

Splurge or Save: Dorm Room Furniture

52 Week Money Challenge for Kids - great learning for kids this year on how to earn, save, and the impact it can make long term for them

{52 Weeks of Money Saving Tips} Yearly Savings Plan - Time for All Things Budget, Budgeting Tips, #budget Budgeting, #Budget, Budget Tips

52 Week Savings Plan for your Family Disney Holiday

I have listed several challenges and savings plans on my blog but this most recent one is the best that I have seen and for the folks who want to save money for a house, this is worth a try: On thi...

Welcome to Financial Tip Friday! The first of many, I hope. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I'm sure you've seen this image before. The 52 Week Money Challenge was posted everywhere at the beginning...

Great guide for saving for a down payment! 52 week plan to saving $5,512! Bold Real Estate Group Amarillo, Texas goboldamarillo.com @goboldamarillo facebook.com/goboldamarillo

52 week saving plan to save for a house or whatever you would like to spend $5000.00 on.:

$5000 52 Week Challenge, doesn't have to be to buy a house, can be anything. VJ

52 week saving challenge

52 week savings printable Debt Free Stories #debt Debt Payoff

Fill up a 2 Liter Bottle With Dimes - Money Saving Challenge

52-Week Money Saving Printable - blank so you can fill it in yourself

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3 new 52 week savings plans (click the website to see all 3 savings plans, this is the first one)

Take the 52 Week Challenge! Here's a free printable 52-week MONEY SAVING CHALLENGE that's a fun idea to help you save money for Christmas or anything else! The chart starts with 50 cents a week and ends with $51.50. You'll end up with $1,352!!! So simple. Grab the free printable from WhatMommyDoes.com

52 week savings printable

Reverse Savings Plan - the closer you get to the holidays the less you save - options for by the day, week or month

This is my version of the 25 Week Money Challenge. ~lissacole91~