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5sos Ages

when i watched the behind the scenes vid, right afterwards, i was watching the hey everybody video for like 20 hours just laughing every time i saw luke because in reality he is saying this^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

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Lol. Like this pic if you're a 5SOS fan. Also feel free to follow this board! Luv y'all! <3

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LUKE IS MY AGE THEN! ASDFGHJKL, but I still wouldn't date him, I'm dating a beautiful girl already.

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This made me think about the future, and how he'll get married, have children and move on. I kept thinking about it and I got this weird feeling in my stomach. Now I'm crying

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That's for any and every band that has EVER saved your life. No matter heavy metal or pop or folk or bluegrass or new age or even rock alternative. THAT ALSO GOES FOR NICKLEBACK. PROBLEM?

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