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And people still wonder why I am obsessed with music/singers? (One Direction, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Austin Mahone, Little Mix, Five Seconds Of Summer, honestly the list could go on forever!)

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I love them so much I can't even say. They saved my life and inspired me in so many ways it's unbelievable. Because of them and many other bands I stopped self harming. I'm gonna tag them hoping they see this even though it's highly unlikely to let them know that I love them and that I'm here for them just like they are for me. #realfanssavebands- Zoe Beth @xxpoisonangelxx

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NOT OKAY. Although Austin said he'd remember me forever because I was "the cutest, sweetest thing ever" soooooo like yeahhhh c:

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5SOS posted on Snapchat<<<this sounds like something that they would do lol

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#weloveyoumikey <<< OMG!!! Mikey NO!!!! #weloveyoumikey>> IVE THEORIZED ABOUT THIS FOR MONTHS OKAY AND NOW IM SAD NOW I DONT LIKE BEING RIGHT THIS TIME<<<#weloveyoumikey

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5SOS Updates on

When I first found out about them they had this hair and I couldn't tell them apart for like the first week of me being a fan of 5sos. Lol

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Whos your 5sos boyfriend

And this is why ashton isnt lead singer, i would fangirl all over the place and eventually die

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Here we have the boys showing our emotions while listening to invisible

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