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Sugar Science Fair Project - How much sugar is in that ????

How to do a Sugar Science Fair Project. How much sugar is in that? Watch soda and juice being boiled. Guess how much sugar is in 'healthy' foods. |


The foldables are for older kids, but this erosion experiment could easily be done in Pre-K.- Working 5 to 9 .... Math and Science: 5th Grade Science Foldables and other scienc projects

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A Science Fair Project on Tooth Decay

Science fair projects can be tedious. Most experiments require a lot of hard work and expensive materials. Try a simpler experiment that is still impressive. Doing an experiment on tooth decay is both beneficial and interesting. It only requires a few inexpensive materials and a week's worth of observation and record keeping. The experiment...

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5th Grade Science STAAR Test-Prep Task Cards, Practice Questions

5th grade STAAR science test prep task cards. 140 multiple choice science test-prep question task cards to prepare your students for their important science STAAR test covering all of the 5th grade STAAR science TEKS. Topics Covered: (but not limited to): Energy Ecosystems Human Body Cycles Organisms and Environments Force, Motion Earth and Space Ecosystems Matter and Energy Scientific Investigations Lab Safety So much more.... $