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Garden-Stake Holder Tools: PVC cement 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe (cut to desired length) with cap 2 metal conduit straps drill with a 5/64-inch bit four 1-inch wood screws Apply cement to inside of cap; attach to one end of pipe. Let dry until set, about 30 minutes. Position pipe, cap side down, against crosspiece (or a piece of 1-by-6 attached to the wall) so bottom overhangs by an inch. Place conduit straps over pipe at top and bottom of crosspiece; drill pilot holes, and screw into ...

Those were so much fun to make,take a 6 inch round PVC Pipe, spray paint it white, draw on face with paint marker, and for the stocking cap i used small socks, but you also can use a stocking cap, tie a scarf around the neck, we used chair pads for buttons. Now all we need is snow.

DIY American Girl doll Sling chair directions Supplies: 1/2" PVC pipe (sold in 10 ft length -4 1/2 ft for 1 chair), 8 PVC elbow connectors (90 degree angle), 4 - 3 way PVC connectors CUT: 6@5", 2@4 1/2", 2@3 1/2", 4@1 1/2" TOOLS: PVC pipe cutter, 100% acetone nail polish remover (to take off print on pipes) SLING FABRIC: 6x19 1/4" (Cotton/twill) finished size 5x14 1/4"

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Make Your Own PVC Pipe Sling Shot

Home made flag pole stand. Great for Cub Scouts. Easy to make. 2x6x8 piece of wood and a 12 inch piece of 1 1/4 PVC pipe used as pole holder. Cut each piece 12 inches long. Sand and paint. Use 3 inch screws to hold together. Takes longer for paint to dry then it does to make flag stand. Wolf elective practice Flag Ceremony at every Den Meeting.

Camping DIY: Pop-up camper mod. 6" PVC pipe mounted on camper to hold outdoor carpet. It is connected to the frame with internal stainless steel carriage bolts and hardware. A cap on the left and screw plug on the right should keep the carpet nice and dry. Genius! | ruggedthugruggedthug

Worm Tower - Drill lots of holes in a pvc pipe. Bury all but 6 inches in garden. Place kitchen scraps in the hole. Worms will come in and eat and then transfer the goodies throughout the garden.