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Step-by-step: Build the ultimate raised bed

8 raised bed garden ideas | Insert the hoops | To cover newly planted seedlings with bird netting or season-extending row covers, simply bend two 6-foot pieces of ½-inch PVC pipe to form semi-circles, and slip their ends into the 1-inch pipes inside the bed. Then drape the bird netting or row covers over them.


Kids bike wash sprinkler! 1/2 inch PVC pipe cut into 2 1/2 ft lengths for all sides, top 3 sprinkler pieces are 3 ft wide. 1/8 in drill bit. Do not go crazy drilling holes or your water pressure won't get to the end - trust me, I learned the hard way. Need PVC cement. Add noodles. Get creative!


DIY American Girl doll Sling chair directions Supplies: 1/2" PVC pipe (sold in 10 ft length -4 1/2 ft for 1 chair), 8 PVC elbow connectors (90 degree angle), 4 - 3 way PVC connectors CUT: 6@5", 2@4 1/2", 2@3 1/2", 4@1 1/2" TOOLS: PVC pipe cutter, 100% acetone nail polish remover (to take off print on pipes) SLING FABRIC: 6x19 1/4" (Cotton/twill) finished size 5x14 1/4"


Can you manage to find 12 square inches in which to garden? Look what you can do! By taking your vegetable garden vertical, you can grow a lot in just a little space!


3 Way Elbow for 1 Inch PVC Pipe White 4 per Order by David's Garden Seeds by David's Garden Seeds,