Simple jenga-style backyard shed built with 2x1x8 pieces of wood and 8x4 plywood roof. Fun project with the whole family.

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Designed logo and sign, hand painted on 8x4 plywood for Redeemer Lutheran Church fundraiser in Stevens Point, Wisconsin. Andrew Williams, Williams Studio

Bethlehem Star This Tutorial will teach you how to make a Bethlehem Star Cutout. Materials you will need 8x4 piece of plywood Jigsaw Drill with 1' and 1 1/8 spade bits Black Paint 7 Strings of C9 Lights (could use C7) - Equals 175 Lights Computer Projector

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stores 6-7 sheets of full-size 8x4 plywood, vertically. Storing flat is best way to prevent warping, but impractical for the garage.

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Plywood 'plank' flooring - 3/" Douglas Fir plywood with one finished side. 8 x 4 sheets cut into 12" wide planks & some 4 long so to stagger rows.

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The design plays with the laminations of the plywood. The mitred joints in the legs create a seamless band which passes through the top sections ...

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Awesome flat pack picnic table made from a single sheet of 8x4 plywood. It really is easy. I made one using only a jigsaw to cut the plywood.

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