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9 11 Survivor Stories


Going Strong: 9/11 Dog Rescued from Ground Zero Is 17 and Still Thriving

Cody’s New Jersey family is thankful for how the dog has helped them heal from…

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Twin Towers survivors share stories in new 9/11 State Museum exhibit

Twin Towers survivors share stories in new 9/11 State Museum exhibit On Sept…

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The 9/11 rescue dogs: Portraits of the last surviving animals who scoured Ground Zero one decade on

During the chaos of the 9/11 attacks, where almost 3,000 people died, nearly 100 loyal search and rescue dogs and their brave owners scoured Ground Zero for survivors. Now, ten years on, just 12 of these heroic canines survive, and they have been commemorated in a touching series of portraits entitled 'Retrieved'


15 years later, 9/11 survivors share stories of adversity and strength

Remembering 9/11: People who lived through attacks speak out

9/11 "Survivor" Charles Giles 'LIED' : Survivor story investigated -

This is an image from this resource on the Internet4Classrooms' "September 11th at Internet 4 Classrooms" resource page: Child Survivor of 9/11 Makes a Career out of Hope. Byline: "Children living near the WTC were never the same." Opening Paragraph: "All it takes is a scary story to stir up wild fears in children, causing them to expect the bogey man in every dark corner. After 9/11, even adults living in the shadow of the World Trade Center had nightmares and lived in perpetual…